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Rafters, Studs, and Flooring

We believe in framing your shed exactly like new home construction. We understand that using the proper building materials is essential to the longevity of the building. 

An outdoor shed typically has to endure more hazards than your home and survive much harsher weather conditions due to the exposed nature of its application.

We will not settle for anything less than a shed that will last as long as your house and we stand behind that with our 10 year warranty!


All sheds have 2'' x 6'' Rafters 16" on center 

Metal hurricane ties connecting rafters to top plate

2" x 10" Continuous ridge board

Bracing board from the gable ends to the ridge board

Bracing boards in all 4 corners of the shed

Brace board from the top plate on the front wall to the top plate on the back wall

Epilay Weathertite Synthetic roofing underlayment 


Walls have 2'' x 4'' studs 16'' on center

Rafters line up over wall studs distributing the weight 

Door is framed with king studs, jack studs and a double header

Our windows are framed with king studs, jack studs, cripple studs, and a double header

All sheds are built with 4 ply, 1/2"  fir plywood on the walls

5/8" Plywood used on roof

8' and 10' wide shed wall height: 6'5''

12' and 16' wide shed wall height: 7'5''

(Measurements are from the bottom wall plate to the top wall plate) 


Wood floor sheds include 3/4 inch pressure treated plywood flooring

2'' x 4'' pressure treated floor boards 12'' on center on 8' and 10' wide sheds

Our sheds are kept dry and off the ground by using:

4'' x 4'' pressure treated runners under floorboards


4 '' x 8'' x 18 '' solid cement blocks under the runners

Concrete Pads

Our company specializes in concrete pads and recommends them for most buildings
Keeps animals from living underneath
Provides a stable base for the building to stand on 
Increases longevity 

Pricing for concrete pads listed on the price page 


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