Bee + Critter Deterrent

Listening to our customers' desires for a pest-free structure is something we take very seriously. We believe you should be able to walk into your building without fear of being stung or mice at your feet. Sealing all door gaps and seams is a must and is included with all sheds!

1st Line of Defense:

On every installation, we apply clear silicone caulk to the perimeter of the pressure-treated flooring or concrete pad. When the walls are set on your base, a seal will form between the bottom plate of the wall and your flooring. This will prevent mice and bees from entering your structure through the floor. 

2nd Line of Defense:

We use flexible weather stripping underneath all doors to prevent mice, bees, snakes, and water from easily slipping under the half-inch gap under the door. This flexible weather stripping is durable and white to match the doors. 

3rd Line of Defense:

When the corner pieces of vinyl siding are installed, there is a seam between the top of the vinyl corner piece and the soffit. Clear silicone caulk will be applied, creating a seal. This will prevent bees from creating homes in your siding. 

4th Line of Defense:

Weather stripping is installed behind and above in the door jam. This creates a seal when the doors are shut. Weather stripping prevents bees, mice, and water from entering your shed.

A red shed sitting in the middle of a yard.

10 x 14 With Critter Skirt

A blue shed with two white doors and a black roof.

10 x 14 With Concrete Pad

To keep animals from making the bottom of your building a "mouse mansion", we offer additional protection: concrete pads and critter skirts.

Concrete Pads

Concrete pads are the best way to keep animals from living under your building because they can't get under the pad! First, we install a stone base, then pour the pad, and finally, we bolt the bottom of the walls to the pad. This way, there is no opportunity for animals to live under or in the building.

This Includes:

  • Estimate
  • Site preparation
  • Stone installation
  • Tamping
  • Setting up forms
  • Concrete delivery
  • Pouring concrete
  • Metal rebar
  • Joints
  • A broom finish
  • All labor and materials

Critter Skirt

Every shed with a wood floor is 8" off the ground. This is good because it prevents water and moisture from touching any part of your pressure-treated flooring, but because your shed is off the ground animals eventually find their way under the structure. 

The critter skirt is a custom-built border that we build around the bottom of the building. This prevents large animals like skunks, woodchucks, rabbits, and strays from easily creating a nest underneath and also hides any blocking we use to level the shed, giving the overall structure a more finished look.

However, we have found that if you live in the City of Buffalo where there are a lot of rats or close to a wooded area, sometimes animals dig underneath the skirt and actually still are able to create a home under there. Because of this, we usually suggest a concrete pad. In some scenarios, however, the skirt can be adequate. 

$16.00 Linear foot

A white shed with two windows and black shutters.

Picture of skirt built around the bottom of the shed. Custom cut to fit the grade of your lawn.