Metal or Shingle Roofing

You can choose between a shingle roof and a metal roof at no extra cost!

Growing up in Buffalo we understand the weather can be very unforgiving. The full 4 seasons create a unique challenge for any building in our area. The roof takes the brunt of the rain, snow, and heat.

Because of this we always recommend metal roofing because it is resilient in our environment.

A gray shed with two windows and a door.

Shingle Roofs:


  • We use architectural shingles on all shingle roofs.
  • We offer many different colors to match you home.
  • Synthetic underlayment is used under the shingles to act as an additional protection against water.
  • Continuous ridge vent running the entire length of the roof.


  • Shingles are more susceptible to damage due to wind.
  • Shingles generally only last 15 - 20 years.
  • If a shingle roof is located close to trees the leaves that fall and sit on the roof cause green mold and moss to form. Once this happens the lifespan of the shingle is significantly shortened.
  • Shingles are made of tar, asphalt, and mineral fiber. Because of this over time some of that tar material and asphalt are eroded shortening the lifespan of the product.
  • Tar from shingle eventually leaks off and can create brown lines on the white fascia and soffit.
  • Much more material is used than metal and when it needs to be replaced it adds more waste material into landfills.
A blue shed with windows in the middle of a field.

Metal Roofing


  • Our metal roof has a 40 year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly because less overall material is used and generally won’t need to be replaced in your lifetime.
  • Recommended in windy areas.
    Because it is all screwed down metal is resilient in windy environments.
  • I the past 11 years we have not had 1 customer call us with any damage.
  • Because it is painted and doesn't use any tar like shingle it will keep your building cleaner.
  • Comes in 20 different colors
  • All our customers have been externally satisfied with the look and longevity of the metal roof
  • Continuous ridge vent running the entire length of the roof.


  • If you don’t have metal on you home it won’t be a perfect match but it does come in many colors that come close to any shingle.