Concrete Pad

The durability of concrete will increase structural integrity, enhance the overall look, and keep critters out!

We offer concrete pads and walkways because we know they will extend the longevity of your new shed. A pad will provide a solid base to stand on.

Our concrete pads are formed above the grade of the ground to prevent any water from entering the building. We also use a pressure-treated bottom plate and secure the walls directly to the concrete pad. This is how garages are built.

Concrete pads are the best way to keep animals from living under your building because they can not get underneath. First, we install a stone base, then pour the pad, and finally, we bolt the bottom of the walls to the pad. This way there is no opportunity for animals to live under the building. 

Concrete pads are the best possible base for your shed!

A man standing on top of dirt ground next to a pile of wood.

Our forms are set up so your pad is perfectly square. Stone is tamped and compacted giving you a solid sub base.

A concrete slab is being built in the yard.

4500 psi. concrete with buckeye fiber is used to make it extremely strong Wire mesh holds it together over time.

A concrete slab in the middle of a yard.

A broom finish is used to keep your pad slip-resistant. Installing a concrete pad will ensure your building will last a lifetime.

Concrete Pads: See the price page for all concrete pricing.

This Includes:

  • Estimate
  • Site preparation
  • Stone installation
  • Tamping
  • Setting up forms
  • Concrete delivery
  • Pouring concrete
  • Wire mesh
  • Joints
  • A broom finish
  • All labor and materials