When having a new pool installed, you may want to consider building a pool house. A properly designed building can serve many purposes at once. Imagine having an area to entertain, change your swimsuit, relax under an overhang, watch tv, sit at a bar and store all your pool accessories. A pool house adds a touch of character to an otherwise flat looking pool area.

Custom-Built Pool Houses in Erie County, NY

Are you wondering where to position your pool filter? A pool house can act as a privacy fence and help hide the noise as well as visually block your pool filter. When initially designing the layout of your backyard pool area, ask the designer if the filters can be positioned behind the pool house.

Pro tip:

If your pool company is installing concrete around your new pool, you may choose to have them install the pad for the pool house or shed too! We will provide a concrete requirement handout to give to your pool contractor with all the specifications to ensure everyone is on the same page. This is a great way to save money as generally, if they are already doing work at your house it's easy to add a pool house pad and usually the price per square foot is cheeper. Having all the concrete done at once will save time, money, and ultimately get your new pool house installed sooner.


Did you know your pool house has to be a certain distance from the edge of the water in your pool? When the building permit is acquired the building department will provide what the required distance in your town. Town requirements vary, but it's usually around 10'.

Dual purpose building

By adding an additional door and a partition wall you can store your lawn mower and patio furniture in the back of the building, completely out of view from the pool side. This way the back of the pool house can serve as more of a shed and the front can be used for the pool house and entertainment area.

Changing room.

We build changing rooms by building a partition wall and interior door. Add a bench to sit on and some hooks for wet clothes and its all set!

Bar with granite countertop

A service window with a granite countertop opens up a whole new place to watch the Bills game or just have your favorite drink in the sunshine. The counter shutter is basically a miniature garage door that rolls up into a cylinder above the bar on the inside of the pool house. It is heavy duty and has a lock. The granite slabs are black with a polished edge. The countertop usually sits at bar height and can come in different lengths.

Pool storage

We can build shelves to safely store all of your pool chemicals. A loft can also add a large amount of storage up top for all those large items like pool floats and pool covers.

Shade area

We build overhangs on either the front or side of shed to create a large area to get out of the sun. This is a great place for an outdoor table or hammock.


We can make your pool house as fancy or traditional as you would like. Big windows, Glass Doors, Speciality vinyl siding, and metal or shingle roofing make these buildings look more like a pool house than a shed.


Adding a decorative cupola and weathervane can add the final touch to these special buildings. Weathervane figurines turn in the wind. Choose your favorite animal, bird, fish, or even a motorcycle.

Double doors or single doors

We will add pre hung full glass double doors to a lot of the pool houses that we build. They let in a lot of light, create a large opening, and add an upscale look. We can also add pre hung single man doors with decorative glass and designs.

Garage doors

This is a great way to crate a large opening. Garage doors let in air and light, and can really open things up to make it easy for many people to walk in and out of the space at the same time. Many pool houses we build include garage doors.

A pool with a house behind it and trees in the background.
A pool with a covered area and a gazebo.
A pool with chairs and a white fence
A pool with a house in the background
A pool in the middle of a yard with a lawn chair.
A pool with a slide and a hot tub in the middle of it.
A pool with an open roof and a large deck.
A gray shed with two windows and a door.
A pool with many chairs and trees in the background
A small house with two chairs and a table
A pool with a shed and a ladder in the background.
A pool that is in the yard of some kind.
A table and chairs in front of a pool.
A pool with a fountain and a house in the background.
A small white shed with two windows and a metal roof.
A pool with an umbrella in the middle of it
A pool with a patio and outdoor furniture.
A pool with a hot tub in the middle of it
A pool in the middle of a house with palm trees.
A carport with a black roof and white walls.
A pool with chairs and tables in the background.
A pool house with a shed and a door.
A white shed sitting next to a pool.